Glowberon: John Kelly

Thursday, September 21, 2017 8:00PM

Glowberon: John Kelly
Advanced Access Only

“John Kelly is one of my favorite performers in the whole world. It's not just that he is brilliant in so many mediums but every time I come away from seeing his work, or indeed even just speaking with him, I'm inspired to be a better artist.”— Alan Cumming

A solo performance work presented as a live memoir.

Time No Line focuses on how we can identify collective histories through the experience of an individual. This new solo performance work integrates movement, song, live drawing, and interactions with projected texts and images as the components of a live dramatic autobiographical narrative.

This work utilizes themes and details of John Kelly’s personal history as a survivor of a generation of artists that emerged out of the East Village performance scene of the 1980’s and was subsequently decimated by the AIDS pandemic. One of the goals of this work is to focus on and contribute to a rift in the larger cultural and social continuity and dialogue.

Part of the 2017/18 Glowberon Season
Now in its third year at OBERON, Glowberon is an acclaimed series that features exceptional storytellers, solo playwrights, and cabaret and performance artists. The series was founded by Quinn Cox and is produced in partnership with Cambridge’s Glow Festival and Provincetown’s Afterglow Festival.